What Are The Steps To Install And Setup Avast Free Antivirus 2017?

Are you seeking for up-to-date and trustworthy antivirus software for your Are you seeking for up-to-date and trustworthy antivirus software for your system? Do you think that the antivirus you are currently using is not good and doesn’t also completely protect your data? Choosing the Avast for your system is really the best decision to give your system effective protection. Avast Technical Support Canada would like to inform you that installing this software on your computer means completely protecting it from any threat. Your every single data and files are given real protection from ransomware, Trojans and all other powerful viruses.

What Are The Steps To Install And Setup Avast Free Antivirus 2017

Follow the process provided on this blog and if it does not help you out feel free to talk our agents to resolve your any issue.

Before installing the software things to be noted:

  • Free space on the hard disk should be atleast 2 GB.
  • 256 MB or above should be the limit of RAM.
  • To download, activate, and maintain updates of the program and antivirus database, you should have a good Internet connection so that the process doesn’t stop in between.
  • It is suggested that the ‘Optimally standard screen resolution’ should not be less than 800 x 600 pixels.
  • We would like to inform you that Avast Free Antivirus won’t be accessed on Microsoft Windows server operating system or on any unspecified OS.

Now follow these steps to ‘Download’ the Avast product:

  • Browse the official page of Avast on your browser.
  • Download the Avast Free Antivirus 2017, click the Free Download button.
  • Click Download Now when the page is redirected.
  • Now save the setup.exe file on your desktop or whichever location you want to keep it.Use these steps to ‘Install’ the downloaded software:
  • Go to the setup.exe for the antivirus and double-click on it to run it.
  • When the application opens click “Regular Installation”.
  1. If you want to choose Custom Installation, give a click on it.
  • Now for the license read the “End User License Agreement” and hit the Continue button.
  • Wait for the program to install the software; the program will set up a Restore point before installing the antivirus.
  • When the installation finishes click “Done”.Go ahead to “Set up” the installed antivirus:
  • Go for the Registration process with Avast! it is important because without registration you can only use this software for 30 days free trial. And when you register you get unlimited free access of the software.
  • Provide your first & last name and then email address.
  • Click “Register email address”.
  • To configure your software use the side bar on the left side:
  • Scan: it helps you scan your system providing 5 types of scan.
  • Tools: this consists of additional tools useful for more protection.
  • Store: Upgrade your antivirus from here.
  • My Devices: Your external connected devices are shown here and are also scanned.
  • Help: Read documents about Avast from here and get help or tutorials regarding your antivirus.
  • Statistics: Will show the statistics of the system.
  • Settings: Modify or make changes here for the antivirus settings.
  • So now Start Scan (optional but recommended).

It is recommended to keep scanning using your Antivirus in order to protect your system and remove any chance of a threat. For further details and queries Contact Avast Technical Support Number 1-855-254-6999 and get any problem solved. The team of well-trained technicians and highly experienced engineers are always at your service to give best solutions within the short time duration.

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What are the Steps to Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily?

Avast is one of the reliable antivirus applications that are available for both Avast is one of the reliable antivirus applications that are available for both free and paid versions. Installing an antivirus is important because it is necessary to secure your PC from malicious attacks and the harmed files. There are a number of users who rely on free antivirus version for home purpose.


Sometimes your antivirus becomes a reason that hinders the process of installation of a new program like drivers, any video program, and other important applications successfully on your PC. In case, you are not able to install any program on your PC, you can try again by disabling this antivirus temporarily.

So, we are here today to explain you the steps to disable your Avast software temporarily and once you are done with installation of a program, you can enable it again. If you stuck somewhere in this process then connect with an expert at Avast support team to get immediate assistance.

Steps to disable Avast temporarily:

  • If you have already turned on your PC then look for Avast icon on the toolbar of your PC, go to a small triangle on the taskbar to open the notification area. Now right click on the icon for a list of options related to security suite.
  • Now open Avast shields control and there you get an option to choose how long you want to disable your application.
  • Once you select an option, you will be asked to confirm this operation and there you have to click on “Yes” to make a confirmation.

These are some simple steps that will help you in disabling your application and once your selected time is over it gets enable on its own. If your application is not allowing you to disable it temporarily then ask an expert by dialing Avast antivirus support number 1-855-254-6999.

In case, you have some other questions related to this application you can ask freely to an expert once you connect with an expert at customer support team. Experts are accessible 24/7 and have complete information to deal with any rigorous situation.

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How To Protect Your MAC with Avast

Security is the main concern when we go online with any device. Looking for securing your Mac device? Avast Antivirus for Mac has already created its marketplace across the globe. It is specifically designed to fulfill the security needs of Mac users. It blocks all the threats and malware before letting it roll down in your Mac device plus other connected devices as well.


Its features are:

  • Regular and small updates help your Mac to enhance its performance.
  • It scans the attachments and files before downloading, open, saving which actually protects the user from different threats every day and also from those which are specially designed for Mac.
  • This antivirus keeps your data (music, videos, photos and personal information) safe and protected.
  • Avast needs to update its virus definitions after installation which involves instant and automatic updates through the Avast Security Network Service.

What this product offers –

  • Improved protection – This enhanced product has access to company’s global antivirus database which has information on world’s malicious software programs for different platforms. It scans the files, mail attachments and the downloads from Internet. It ultimately keeps your computer system safe by detecting and deleting any upcoming threats.
  • Effective Performance – This software only consumes 1% of your Mac’s device processing power and is designed on an improved antivirus kernel which is efficient in detecting malware. It implies that this software does not affect negatively on the system’s performance. And the protection it provides improves Mac’s functioning.
  • Installation requirements are less – Ensure that the system must meet minimum requirements for the effective working of the antivirus. An Intel processor, CD-ROM (if installing through installation CD), 512 MB RAM, 100 MB space on hard drive plus operating system Mac® OS X 10.4.11, Mac® X 10.5 and Mac® X 10.6 is required to access this software.

Avast support Canada helps you with its new range of products at 1-844-888-3870
Antivirus is the minimum requirement for any device. If you face any issue while accessing the antivirus be it is related to installation, renewal or activation then call at Contact Avast support phone number 1-844-888-3870 for fixing the issue. Our team of experts is available 24/7 via live chat as well.

The Best Avast Support Number to Call

Avast antivirus software is no doubt the best antivirus software because it caters to home users, personal users, and business users as well as it can even protect several devices like mobile phones and tablets. With the efficiency of Antivirus when it comes to dealing with threats, you would really expect that nothing could go wrong and you won’t need Avast Technical Support already.

However, several issues may require you to opt for support still such as technical issues, installation, activation, troubleshooting, how to use the software, etc. But when it comes to getting technical support, make sure you know what the best phone number to call.


Things to Consider before you Contact Avast Support Canada

There are numerous third-party technical support companies you can find online and they claim they offer the best remote technical Help for Avast users. In order for you to find the best supporting and phone number to call, do your homework.

First, check the reputation of the company for reliability feedbacks. Are they trusted to provide quality technical Help based on the feedbacks of their previous clients? Or do they get mostly negative feedbacks? Second, check out their phone numbers for accessibility and availability. Do they offer 24/7 Helpline and when you try dialing the number, is it always busy or is the line always free? Third, consider the expertise as well as the cost. Do they have experts and certified technicians? Are the phone numbers toll-free? Do they offer fair rates for services?

Luckily, Avast Antivirus Customer Support Canada has all these qualities. They are reputable, reliable, accessible, available 24/7, experts as well as affordable. So, when it comes to Avast antivirus issues, no matter how mild or intense they are, don’t just call any number. Call Avast Antivirus Support Number Canada only.

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How to Install Avast Blocked Programs?

Antivirus security is no longer a big topic in the world of online protection when we talk about Avast antivirus for individuals, small business setups as well as for large size organizations. CNET’s is amongst the top rated Avast’s antivirus programs which provide the security for Windows and Mac OS systems. The antivirus software also blocks the program files which it finds as a danger for your system.


How to install the programs which are blocked by Avast?

There are certain files and programs which the Avast might have blocked after detecting them as a threat for your device. Below are the changes you can make for installing the blocked program.

    • Temporarily deactivate the antivirus: After opening the Avast, turn off all the shields available in the Active Protection section. You can also finish the task by right clicking on Avast icon available in the system tray in Windows. Now you can install the program which you want to unblock.
    • Locate blocked file path: You are required to find the file path to its executable file for unblocking a program. In order to recover this file path from the dialogue that displays, right-click on the program’s icon in Windows. For adding the path to your clipboard, copy the line in the Target box. While Mac users can utilize Finder app for locating the program. Press Command + I for opening information of the program and can copy the path in Where field.
    • Unblock the program: Go to Avast Free Antivirus, and then select Settings. From Settings click on Antivirus. You will find File Path field where you can paste the copied path. After selecting Add, the program will be removed from all protection shields of Avast which also includes virus detecting.

After following the above steps, don’t forget to turn on the Avast shields after making the changes.

Avast Antivirus Support Canada is available for all related issues We offer you antivirus technical help for all security related issues. Antivirus software errors can no longer irritate when you will get in touch our team of technicians at Avast Customer Support Number 1-844-888-3870. You can also contact us through live chat as our experts are available there for 24/7.

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