Avast’s new release for XData Ransomware

Avast has released a free decryption tools who are a victim of XData Ransomware, which was recently discovered for decrypting their data and came into information. Quite similar to WannaCry Ransomware came into existence recently and infected devices and systems.

Although, it is not massive like WannaCry but has left an impact. It is almost identical to other ransomware called AES_NI, for which Avast has already come up with decryption tool. It has only hit the Ukraine region, thus, not making it massive like that of other ones.


How it affects?

After infecting your device, it adds ‘.~xdata~’ extension to your encrypted files and instructs you on how to make payment in the files named with- ‘HOW_CAN_I_DECRYPT_MY_FILES.txt’ and with other names as well including numerals in the below-mentioned folders-

  • C:\
  • C:\ProgramData
  • Desktop

Avast’s tips on how to avoid ransomware –

    • If possible, install antivirus on all devices i.e. in Smartphone as well. Whenever you will encounter ransomware, it will block the same.
    • Preventing it from software exploitation from infecting your device, it keeps updating the software with a new version.
    • Another requirement for avoiding such threats is by being alert.
      Try to avoid shady sites, careful with whatever you are downloading, plus don’t open any attachments or links forwarded to you from an unknown or suspicious sender. As Word or Excel can also lead to any threat and are becoming popular within cyber criminals and using them for attacks.
    • These malicious attachments sent in the Word or Excel form often asks macros to be enabled letting the document to download malware, which includes ransomware from the internet.
    • Though it cannot secure you from avoiding ransomware, so the solution is to keep a regular backup of your data and avoid any data loss. And it is advised to keep a backup of your data to external hard drive while being offline which will minimize the risk of data theft.

Avast technical support is here to help you out with all the related queries and troubles you have with your software. All you have to do is get in touch with the team by calling on our Avast antivirus technical support number 1-855-254-6999. Plus the users can also reach the team via live chat support or email support where the experts are available 24/7 at your service.

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