How To Utilize Avast Cleanup?

Avast Cleanup is a tool that increases the user’s antivirus protection and is available as an independent application. It scans the entire system to diagnose unwanted files and programs which can be removed or disabled to make computer runs in an optimal state.


How Cleanup is better than GrimeFighter program?

It has certain improvements and enhancements mentioned below-
1. Simple and easy to remember your system’s requirements. If the user’s computer can run the antivirus, then it can run Cleanup.

2. It will scan and clean within Avast user interface. That means, no reboot to Linux is required to clean files and settings.

3. Registry scan helps in removing useless files from uninstalled programs.

4. No license hassles, purchase and activate within the Avast program and optimize the computer system.

How to use GrimeFighter license to upgrade Cleanup?

The user can now convert their GrimeFighter license automatically and can avail it for a similar time period If the user has purchased GrimeFighter but has not activated it yet, then they can activate it by using Avast account.

How to undo changes made by Cleanup?

If the user is not satisfied with the alterations made to their device by Cleanup, they can use Windows System restore to recover their computer to its earlier state.

Is it OK to use computer system during the Cleanup scan?

Yes, the user can continue to use their system while it performs the scanning process and clean.

Is it possible to transfer Cleanup activation code from one computer to another?
It’s activation codes are non-transferable. They can be used only on a computer where it was activated initially. So, for another device activation code needs to be purchased to function properly.

What Cleanup does with encrypted files?

It neglects encrypted segment and files to ensure the user’s privacy and security. In case, if the user’s hard drive is encrypted then it will neither scan nor optimize the computer.

Call Avast Support Customer Care Canada for any antivirus related query.
Apart from the details and information about the product, the user can also connect with us for any query at Avast helpline number. where our experts and professionals are available at your service for 24/7.

The user can also Avast Tech Support at our toll-free number 1-844-888-3870 for the quick response.

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